Instant Quote

Here at Newstead Transport we offer Same Day or Next Day Delivery Services, if you would like a quote for this service please fill in the form below.

We can delivery any item as long as it will fit on the vehicle you have chosen for your delivery, this includes house hold items, loose items & large items, all you have to do is get the measurements of your cargo and work out the total size and then select the best cargo amounts from our list of cargo items.

Help Using Our Quote System.

Step 1. This is where you will fill in the Pick Up and Delivery address’s, the date you would like your items picked up & the Time of Pick Up.

  1. Start Location – This is your Pick Up Address. (Start Typing and a drop down will appear)
  2. Destination – This is your Delivery Address. (Start Typing and a drop down will appear)
  3. Pickup Data & Time – This will be the date & time you would like your job to be picked up.

Step 2. This is where you will see a list of available vehicles that suit your load, you will see how much your job will cost.

  1. Please select what will be picked up from your pick up address to be delivered. There are 3 different types of cargo Packages, Boxes & Pallets.
  2. Please select how much you think the weight of your cargo will be in Kilograms (Kg).
  3. Once you are happy you have filled this part in you will see a list of available vehicles with there prices to the right hand side click on the price and you will be sent to the next step.

(When you start to put the information for your cargo, the list of available vehicles will change, Please note these options do not alter the price.)

Step 3. This is where you will fill in the details of the job, and your contact details to process your order.

  1. Please Fill In Details Of Job Here – This is your job details, you can include full address, full details of your cargo & anything else you think will be helpful to fulfil your order.
  2. Contact Name – Your Name so we can contact you to confirm any details.
  3. Mobile Number – Any contact number for you, so we can contact you if we need to confirm any details.
  4. Notes – Any other notes that you think will be helpful.
  5. Then click on Get Quote.

Once you click on the button Get Quote, you will see a thank you box, with a link to your invoice you can click on this link to view, download, print & pay for your order, you will also receive a email from us to confirm your order with a link to your invoice.

Please note all orders have to be paid for in full before we will confirm your job, once paid for your job will be confirmed and we will be in touch with you to confirm all details of the job.